Watching your network for threats from the inside


Bad actors sit on networks for long periods (often months) before actually dropping the hammer.

Perimeter defenses are not 100%. Bad actors will always find a way in.

Once in - bad actors lurk, poke, prod and seek out your weaknesses; planning their ultimate attack.

Everyone is watching outside their network, few are watching inside their network.

To identify and notify if suspicious activity is occuring inside your network and warn you before something truly bad happens.


LANMine Sentinels are deployed inside your network.

They appear like devices already on your network - a computer, file server, web server, mail server, etc.

They emulate such personalities so bad actors consider them potential targets.

When any attempt is made to access the LANMine device, it identifies & records the attempt.

Depending on the type of attempt, LANMine's activity engine assesses if such actions are considered suspicious.

If determine suspicious LANMine notifies the contacts defined in the Sentinel's configuration.

You need LANMine

Over 50% of all Cyber Attacks are targeted at SMBs. If you think your business is not a target .. you're wrong.

Average Cyber Attack cost to an SMB - $2,500,000.

SMBs hit with a major Cyber Attack fail within 6 months.

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